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Haddock Fillets x 900g

£22.50 £17.95

Haddock Fillets, skinless & boneless and frozen at Sea with just a few hours of being caught. A superb process which means the fish is as fresh as it can be. Each fillets weighs 130g-170g and there are 900g per order which is approx. 5-7 fillets. Haddock is very versatile and great when poached, oven baked or grilled.
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Hddock fillets are quite large so it is easiest to grill. They can be cooked from frozen: Pre-heat your grill to medium -hot, place the fillets on some foild and grill for 5-7 minutes each side, once they start to defrost you can add some butter and salt & pepper. If you prefer to defrost the haddock first just reduce the cooking times by a couple of minutes each side. Make sure the haddock is cooked in the centre before serving.


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