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Haddock Loins

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Haddock Loins are new to Seafresh, fantastic white thick loins of Haddock, SKINLESS & BONELESS and a fab alternative to Cod responsibly sourced in the Atlantic Ocean. This flavourful fish is very versatile & Haddock has always been a traditional favourite. Each order is a 4 loins per portion.
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Haddock Loins are best oven baked, you can bake from frozen. Pre-heat your oven to 180c, place the Haddock on some foil, enough to make a loose parcel, once the Loins have defrosted slightly and softened add a little butter and sesoning, a little lemon juice if you wish and continue to bake for a total 25-30 minutes. If you defrost your Haddock first reduce cooking times by 5-8 minutes. Make sure Haddock is cooked through and hot in the centre before serving.


Nutrition information per 100g (typical values)
  Energy   90 kcal
 Fat     3g
  of which saturates     0g
 Carbohydrates     0g
  of which sugars     0g
 Protein     16g
 Sodium     315mg
 Fibre     0g
 Cholesterol     39mg
Responsibly sourced in the Atlantic Ocean

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Weight740 kg


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