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6oz Aberdeen Angus Fillet 4
Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steaks, great British produce from great British farms, so tender and ful..
£36.95 £29.95
8oz Aberdeen Angus Sirloin 4
** SPECIAL OFFER ** Aberdeen Angus Sirloin Steaks are full of flavour and very tender, ind..
£29.95 £21.00
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Barbary Duck Breasts
Our delicious bonless Duck Breasts are high quality, moist & very flavoursome. So..
£21.95 £16.95
8oz Beef Steak Rib Eye 4
A very juicy, flavoursome and tender british steak which is 28 day aged & one of our Butchers re..
£24.95 £21.50
4 Beef Wellingtons
Our Beef Wellington is one of our most popular dishes, we use very tender Scotish fillet steak, top ..
£24.50 £21.00
Based on 1 reviews.
per order Breaded Cod Loins 4
North Atlantic caught Cod Loins in a crispy breadcrumb coating. Cod Loins are thicker than the Cod f..
£16.75 £12.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 British Chicken Breasts Large
Our British Chicken Breasts are excellent quality, they are large (6-7oz each) with NO ADD..
£12.40 £10.00
10 British Farmhouse Chicken Selection
**£10 OFF SPECIAL OFFER ** Our Fantastic Farmhouse Chicken Selection has a tasty variety of Far..
£46.95 £36.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Cajun Spiced Chicken Breasts  -GLUTEN FREE
Prime British Chicken Breasts, butterflied & coated in a rich Cajun spice marinade. A ..
£18.95 £14.95
Based on 1 reviews.
900g (4-5) Cape Hake
Our Cape Hake fillets are BONELESS & SKINLESS, IQF (Individually quick frozen) and responab..
£19.00 £13.50
15 individual desserts Cheesecakes
A delicious selection of individual Cheesecakes. 5 Flavours (3 of each) , Strawberry & White Cho..
£43.95 £33.95
900g Chicken Goujons (Breaded)
Chicken Breast coated in a natural golden breadcrumbs. For your convenience our Breaded Chicken..
£19.50 £12.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Chicken Wellington
Farmhouse Chicken Breast with garlic butter and mushrooms encased in a light puff pastry. Extremely ..
£19.95 £15.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Chicken with Garlic & Rosemary - GLUTEN FREE
Prime British Chicken Breasts, butterflied and marinated overnight in Garlic & Rosemary. GL..
£18.95 £14.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Chicken with Ginger, Chilli & Lime - GLUTEN FREE
Prime British Chicken Breasts, butterflied & marinated overnight to enhance the flavour wit..
£18.95 £14.95
4 Chicken with Port & Stilton
Farmhouse British Chicken Breast stuffed with delicious Port & Stilton Cheese, wrapped in streak..
£18.95 £15.95
4 portions Chicken, Ham & Leek Pie NEW
NEW Chicken Ham & Leak Pie - tender pieces of chicken breast, lean ham & tasty leeks in a de..
£17.60 £15.95
10 Cod Bacon & Brie Fishcakes
TBA ..
£19.95 £14.95
4 Cod en Croute
A generous portion of Cod topped with a creamy cheese, prawn & mushroom sauce wrapped ..
£15.00 £13.00
1kg (4-5)  Cod Fillets
**SPECIAL OFFER** on our FROZEN AT SEA (within 4 hours of being caught) skinless, white Co..
£17.50 £11.00
Based on 1 reviews.
15 Cod Jumbo Fish Fingers  (70g)
Our Jumbo Fish Fingers are not like regular fish fingers, much larger and made with delicious&n..
£18.50 £14.75
Based on 1 reviews.
 Cod Loins North Atlantic 4
Seafresh Cod Loins are frozen at sea & sourced from area FAO27 in the Atlantic Oc..
£14.95 £12.40
Based on 2 reviews.
4 Cod Supreme in Batter
**SPECIAL OFFER**  Superb, white north atlantic Cod coated in light a crisp golden ba..
£12.95 £10.00
 Cod, Salmon & Haddock Fish Box
As requested by many of our loyal customers, we are now pleased to have our 3 most po..
£44.95 £35.00
Based on 2 reviews.
4 Coquilles St Jacques
** SPECIAL OFFER ** Queen Scallops, Salmon and Prawns in a delicious white wine sauce, topped with&n..
£18.00 £12.00
Based on 1 reviews.
20 Crispy Duck Spring Rolls
Absolutely SUPERB - these delicious shredded duck & vegetables spring rolls are a customer ..
£12.95 £9.95
per order Devon Dressed Crab 4
Devon Crabs are some of the best Crabs around. They are well known very tasty, tender flesh. Th..
£24.88 £19.95
Based on 1 reviews.
8oz Grain Fed Rump Steak 4
Our Butcher has sourced the best Grain Fed British Rump Steaks that are excellent value for mon..
£23.50 £20.50
Based on 1 reviews.
1kg (4-5) Haddock Fillets Large
Our Haddock Fillets are line caught and FROZEN AT SEA within a few hours of being caught. Suerb larg..
£18.95 £13.95
4 Haddock Loins
Haddock Loins are new to Seafresh, fantastic white thick loins of Haddock, SKINLESS & BONELESS a..
£18.95 £12.40
Based on 1 reviews.
12  Hot Smoked Mackerel
Our Mackerel is naturally smoked over oak chips, this gives the fish a good strong smoky taste. Smok..
£19.95 £14.95
12  Hot Smoked Pepper Mackerel
Delicious Smoked Mackerel wih crushed peppercorns, very tasty and very healthy. Oily Fish such as Ma..
£19.95 £14.95
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Hunters Chicken
British Chicken breast, covered in a rich barbecue sauce, wrapped in farmhouse back bacon and topped..
£18.95 £15.96
Based on 1 reviews.
800g (avg 60) King Prawns Cooked
Our excellent King Prawns are IQF (Individually quick frozen), they are de-veined and have the&..
£23.00 £18.50
Based on 2 reviews.
750g (28-30) King Prawns in Garlic
** SPECIAL OFFER ** These very tasty Garlic King Prawns are a staff and customer favouite. The king ..
£23.95 £16.95
Based on 2 reviews.
750g (avg 30) King Prawns Raw
Our Uncooked King Prawns are IQF (Individually quick frozen) peeled & devained for your con..
£22.95 £17.50
Based on 1 reviews.
750g King Scallops ROE OFF
Our King Scallops are large with a minimal water glaze so they do not shrink when cooking, they are&..
£31.98 £27.95
800g King Scallops ROE ON
Our King Scallops are large with a minimal water glaze so they do not shrink when cooking, they are&..
£31.98 £28.95
2 Kipper Fillets Individually Vacuum Packed
Our Kippers are made from the finest Scottish Herring, they are cold smoked & have a w..
£5.00 £3.90
Based on 1 reviews.
4 Lasagne
Handmade Beef Lasagne made with the finest lean British Minced Beef, tomatoes, garlic, basil & o..
£19.95 £16.00
Based on 2 reviews.
4 Lemon & Pepper Haddock
Delicious white Haddock covered with a zesty lemon & pepper seasoning, lightly dusted ..
£14.00 £10.00
900g (avg 4-5) Lemon Sole Fillets
Lemon Sole - a lovely delicate flatfish BONELESS with SKIN ON - similar to Plaic..
£23.50 £19.99
Based on 1 reviews.
1kg (6-7) Mackerel Fillets
Mackerel is full of Omega 3 fish oil. Our Mackerel comes with SKIN ON, each fillet weighs ..
£19.95 £14.95
Based on 1 reviews.
750g (26-28) Mango & Chilli Prawns
King Prawns dipped in a Chilli & Mango jam and coated in a crispy breadcrumb. A perfect com..
£22.95 £20.95
4 Minted Lamb Purse
Tender peices of British Lamb in a delicious, rich mint & herb gravy all encased in a golden puf..
£21.50 £17.95

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