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🎄Rock Lobster Tails x 2 ( 180-200g each)


Seafresh Rock Lobster Tails large come cleaned & prepared so you don't need to spend extra time in the kitchen. Our Lobster Tails are sweet, tender & juicy and sourced from the warm waters of the USA.. The average weight of each Lobster tail at is 180-200g & you get 2 Lobster Tails per order. These are larger than previous tails at 150-170g. Please note prices of Lobster Tails may regularly due to the size of Lobster Tail available to us. 
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Cooking / Preparation: Defrost the Lobster first to make preparation easier, split the shell lengthways and expose the lobster meat. Cover the lobster meat with garlic butter and grill flesh side up until all the meat/flesh has turned white (not clear). You can add your favourite herbs if you wish or follow your favourite recipe. Simple & delicious.

Lobster, minimal ice glaze


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Weight320 kg


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