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Surf & Turf Box


A luxury box for a fantastic treat!  2 Lobster Tails, 4 Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steaks and 750g of un-cooked King Prawns. When cooking Lobster Tails we advise to get a sharp knife, cut down the shell of the lobster and split them into two. This gives you 4 halves, perfect for surf and turf. Serve half a Lobster Tail, with one Fillet Steak and a handful of prawns ( You can use the rest of the prawns for a stir fry or curry).

Make surf and turf or cook each item to your favourite recipe: For surf and turf: Defrost lobster and steak. Split the lobster tails in two by cutting along the shell with a sharp knife. Lobster Tails are best grilled, place on a baking tray and grill flesh side up for 6-7 minutes. You can add a little butter, herbs and salt and pepper. Grill the Fillet Steak in a skillet, add a little oil and butter and get the pan nice and hot. Add the steaks and fry a few minutes each side until nicely coloured. Turn down the heat and keep turning / cooking until you cooked to your liking. Rare; add a few more minutes each side, Medium: add 5-6 minutes each side, well done: add 8 minutes each side.

Uncooked King Prawns, Fillet Steak and Lobster

British Beef, USA Lobsters and Prawns from Thailand or Malaysia depending on availability.


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