Festive treats to enjoy a delicous & relaxing Christmas. At Seafresh we source quality produce and prepare them as much as possible so you don't have to! We have oven ready products that can be cooked from frozen, amazing AWARD WINNING ENGLISH ROSE 2.5kg TURKEY CROWN's, fantastic King Prawns, Salad Prawns & superb Seafood plus our finest Smoked Salmon ......everything you need for a perfect Christmas.  

Orders can be placed now and delivered in December. You can email us with your preffered delivery date - the delivery slots get booked up quick so we always advise to order early.- email admin@seafreshuk.com or reply to your order confirmation with your preffered delivery date.

ORDER BY 12NOON ON 20TH DECEMBER FOR CHRISTMAS DELIVERY** Our offices are closed over the festive period. Orders placed after 12 NOON ON 20th December will not be sent out until Thursday 3rd January for delivery Friday 4th January.  Any questions or queries please don't hesiate to get in touch. Our Email: admin@seafreshuk.com or you can call our head office on 01942 609647


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Award Winning English Rose Turkey Crown from Grove Smith Farm - 2.5kg
Excellent Grove Smith Farm Award Winning Bronze Hens, 2.5kg Crowns with no bones, no legs, no wings,..
£47.00 £42.00
Beef Wellingtons SOLD OUT -
Our Beef Wellington is one of our most popular dishes, we use very tender Scottish fillet steak, top..
£25.00 £21.00
Black Tiger King Prawns (Raw) - 750g (avg 30)
Our Uncooked King Prawns are IQF (Individually quick frozen) peeled & de-veined for your co..
£22.95 £18.50
Coconut Skewered Prawns SOLD OUT - 500g (10 skewers)
Large King Prawns in a light Coconut Batter. These prawns are skewered for ease of cooking (and eati..
£14.95 £11.95
Cod en Croute - 4
A generous portion of Cod topped with a creamy cheese, prawn & mushroom sauce wrapped ..
£15.00 £13.00
Based on 1 reviews.
Coquilles St Jacques - 4
Queen Scallops, Salmon & Prawns in a delicious white wine sauce, topped with piped potato, ..
£16.98 £14.45
Cromer Dressed Crab 4 - per order
Cromer Crabs are world renowned, they are simply the best dressed Crab you will find. They..
£24.88 £21.00
Duck Breasts. - 4
Our delicious Bonless Duck Breasts are high quality, moist and very flavoursome. You can c..
£21.95 £16.95
Duck Spring Rolls - 20
Absolutely SUPERB - these delicious shredded duck & vegetables spring rolls are a customer ..
£12.95 £9.95
Based on 1 reviews.
Fillet Steak - Aberdeen Angus 4 - 6oz
Aberdeen Angus Fillet Steaks, great British produce from great British farms, so tender and ful..
£36.95 £31.95
Based on 2 reviews.
King Scallops ROE OFF - 750g
Our King Scallops are large with a minimal water glaze so they do not shrink when cooking, they are&..
£31.98 £28.95
Luxury Profiteroles with Chocolate Sauce - 10 servings
Light Choux pastry profiteroles with a rich Belgian Chocolate Sauce filled with fresh whip..
£29.95 £19.95
Mango & Chilli Prawns - 750g (26-28)
King Prawns dipped in a Chilli & Mango jam and coated in a crispy breadcrumb. A perfect com..
£22.95 £20.95
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Mixed Fish Encroute - 12
A delicious mix of our most popular fish pastries, Salmon in a creamy cheese sauce with oyster mushr..
£48.95 £38.95
Rock Lobster Tails 2.  - 165-190g each
Seafresh Rock Lobster Tails large come cleaned & prepared so you don't need to sp..
£25.00 £23.00
Salad Prawns - 800g (210-220)
Firm, pink, juicy prawns with an amazing flavour. Great for sandwiches, salads and of course th..
£22.95 £18.95
Salmon Fillets. 4 -
Superb centre cut SKINLESS & BONELESS fillets. Sustainably sourced from the clear wate..
£17.00 £15.96
Skewered King Prawns - 800g
Skewered King Prawns peeled in the centre (bikini style)  ..
£23.50 £20.95
Smoked Salmon - 200g x 2
The finest Scottish Salmon Smoked over traditional oak chippings using a 150 year old reci..
£16.00 £13.95
Stuffed Pork Tenderloin, - 4
British Red Tractor Pork Tenderloin, stuffed with farmhouse sage & onion stuffing, all wrapped i..
£19.15 £15.96
Tempura Prawns  - 800g (42-46)
Large King Prawns coated in our very tasty & light Tempura Batter. Tempura is so light it g..
£21.95 £18.95
Based on 2 reviews.
Turkey Tournedo  - 4
*** SPECIAL OFFER *** British Prime Turkey Medallions topped with Sage & Onion stuffing all wrap..
£22.95 £19.00
The perfect gift for a food lover - choose one of our NEW GIFT CERTIFICATES. There are thr..
The perfect gift for a food lover - choose one of our NEW GIFT CERTIFICATES. There are thr..
The perfect gift for a food lover - choose one of our NEW GIFT CERTIFICATES. There are three di..