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Histamine Intolerance & Low Histamine



✅ Look out for the green circle / tick on our products, this means it’s a low histamine product

It’s almost 4 years ago since we heard from our first Histamine Intolerant customer, since then we have had more and more people contact us for fish that is frozen as quickly as possible for a low histamine diet.

Histamine has affected so many lives, there is a lack of awareness with little help & advice available, even our customers who are Doctors have struggled to get help. Whilst taking an “anti histamine” for a histamine reaction is enough for many of us, for people with a severe INTOLERANCE this simply isn’t effective, symptoms are much worse.

We have managed to source more types of fish that are quickly frozen, some frozen at sea, giving customers a range of fish providing essential vitamins & minerals for a healthier balanced diet.  We also know what fish you need to AVOID – these and high histamine foods must be avoided.

Over the last few years we have been given lots of helpful information from our customers; websites, Facebook pages, discussion groups, podcasts – all full of great information – on all areas of Histamine Intolerance, not just fish. We have added links for these at the bottom of the page.


  • Boneless & skinless IQF (Individually quick frozen)✅ Vacuum packed✅ Recommended for Histamine Intolerance ( frozen very quick)
  • Cod loins Frozen at Sea – skinless and boneless (see our frozen cod collection)
  • Hake fillets Frozen at sea – skinless & boneless
  • Haddock Loins Frozen at sea – skinless & boneless 
  • Haddock Fillets Frozen at Sea – skin on & PIN BONE IN
  • Salmon Fillets Frozen within 12 hours at very cold temperatures, farmed & organic farmed salmon, both from fantastic suppliers with lots of certifications – We haven’t found any Wild Salmon as an option for Histamine Intolerance, its mostly frozen in 2-3 days and has had reactions. Wild salmon is not recommended for sushi either as there is no way to know what the fish have been feeding on ( Wild salmon can feed on other fish that have bacteria & cause reactions)
  • Swordfish Supremes  (NEW JAN 2024) – Skinless & Boneless


  • Tuna
  • Mackerel
  • Monkfish
  • Sardines
  • Kippers
  • Trout
  • Sole
  • Plaice
  • Dory
  • Tilapia
  • Shark…

FISH WITH A COUPLE OF REACTIONS IN ADULTS – (Seems ok for children under 12)Seabass Fillets – this is not frozen at sea, it’s farmed and frozen within 12-16 hours but seems to be OK for children


Everyone is different, some people have many different allergies at once, people react differently to others so we can’t guarantee people won’t have reactions. We can only go of the information we have had back from our customers. We keep the information up to date & ask customers to let us know how they get on.

  • Note: Four customers reacted to the Salmon Fillets over the last 4 years, so it’s most unusual for this to happen. It’s a few reactions out of 1000’s of portions being eaten, so to put it into perspective it’s still an excellent, highly recommended source for low histamine fish. Some customers have more issues than just histamine and this could affect results. We encourage you to try it if you haven’t as everyone is different and 99% are enjoying the salmon with no reactions. 


We always send all of our parcels on next day delivery. We use dry ice slices (see more info on dry ice below), dry ice is what keeps your order frozen (the temperature inside the parcel is colder than your freezer). DPD our courier, will deliver your parcel and send you a one-hour time slot for your delivery. Your parcel can be left in a safe place if you are out (remember it will stay frozen with the dry ice). The delivery & packaging service ensures your products arrive in perfect condition; we do offer free delivery on orders over £60 but we hope understand that because of the type of packaging we do need to charge £8 if it’s under £60. The next available delivery day is shown at the top of each page on our website but if you would like a later date that’s no problem, you can let us know in “order notes” at checkout or call / email us once you have ordered. You can also choose “by noon”delivery for just £2 extra


The fish is best cooked from frozen, we recommend this way for most fish that is skinless (or thick). There is no defrosting required. For SALMON, COD, HADDOCK AND HAKE – oven bake in a loose foil parcel (loose but crimped tight so the steam can’t escape) at 180c / 190c for 25 mins until cooked through. It’s quick and easy and it steams the fish so keeps very moist indeed. You can add a little butter and herbs to the foil if you can tolerate that / seasoning too. The hake needs 5 minutes less. All ovens vary so just check the fish is cooked in the centre and you may need to add / reduce by a few minutes depending on your own oven.


PORTABLE FREEZER: A few customers have recommended some travel / portable freezers that really help if you are travelling in the UK. They can be plugged in or battery powered ( best us powered by the car battery). They can last up to 8 hours with the battery and then can be plugged in on arrival at your hotel / cottage / caravan etc. The best two seem to be as follows:

Makita Screwfix £399 https://www.screwfix.com/p/makita-dcw180z-20ltr-cooler-warmer-box-bare/554XR?tc=UA8&ds_kid=92700055256569560&ds_rl=1244066&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oyYBhDGARIsAMZEuMsSwjTA0Pf8C_Hn5XBHvBg0hAHkqKDOmEosukbMWxEJfFVNJm-Ny7gaAjHxEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds#product_additional_details_container

Costaway £279 on sale https://www.costway.co.uk/50l-2-in-1-dual-temperature-control-portable-freezer-with-wheels-and-handle-grey.html?ff=30&fp=5393&gclid=Cj0KCQjw0oyYBhDGARIsAMZEuMuF5gv0aD1afdH25XKu8eW2FKIQ0IH6JUC158M9hSCjswFP-RiM5asaApqJEALw_wc 


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