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Cromer Crab – What makes them taste so good?

Cromer Crab from Seafresh

Cromer crabs are caught in the North Sea around the Norfolk village of Cromer. The nutrient-rich waters and chalk shelf in this area mean the crabs are particularly flavoursome, fragrant and tender and are one of Norfolk’s most famous exports. These meaty crabs have a relatively high proportion of white to brown meat and can be used in lots of recipes but are arguably at their best when eaten freshly dressed with a squeeze of lemon juice and some freshly milled black pepper.The Cromer crab has been caught in Norfolk for centuries and has long been an industry that attracts tourists from around the globe who are keen to sample this prized Norfolk delicacy. Plentiful in the county, the Cromer crab can also be found on high-end restaurant menus across the country and further afield. This delicious crab, with its unique delicate flavour is caught using pots, a traditional and highly sustainable way of catching. The crabs are caught live and are then checked to make sure they meet the legal requirements of size, before they are taken ashore. Those that aren’t the required size are thrown back into the sea alive. This method ensures that all crabs have at least one breeding season before they are eaten.The crabbing industry provides important income and employment to the local area of Cromer and the local seafaring heritage and active fishing community of this beautiful North Norfolk coastal town.

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