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Online Fishmonger, Seafreshuk.com Beats 2,400 Reviews on TrustPilot, Rank #1 in all Categories 

Offering Online Delivery of High-Quality Fish, Seafood and Meat

LANCASHIRE, UK – Seafreshuk.com, leading online fish mongers in the UK are pleased to share that they have surpassed 2,400 reviews on Trustpilot and rank #1 in all the categories. Seafresh is one of the most popular places to buy freshly frozen fish and seafood online. They have been in the business for almost 3 decades and have seamlessly managed to remain top with premier quality products and excellent customer service. Maintaining such the highest standards is impossible given the industry’s challenges. Seafresh took the opportunity of the online fishmonger concept, embraced the online explosion and helped customers from different parts of the UK access the highest quality seafood.

Whether it is the most popular Aberdeen Angus Steaks or the Sea Cods, Haddocks and Hakes, Seafresh has the largest supply of fish procured from all around the world. What makes this place the best is its attention to customer requests. They offer not just one or two but multiple options for people with histamine intolerance. These fishmongers online also specialize in ‘cook from frozen’ readymade dishes such as the Jumbo Fish Fingers, Salmon en Croute, Marinated Chicken Breast, Beef Wellington, etc. These products are great for making healthy meals in just a few minutes. 

“Everything about Seafresh is awesome! Good quality food, first-class serve, and I have to say their garlic prawns are out of this world!!!” says Julia, a happy customer. Seafresh is more than just a business. Apart from responsibly sourcing sustainable fish and seafood from different parts of the world, they also use British farms for most of their meat and poultry. Customers who buy from Seafresh also contribute to environmental sustainability. “Excellent solidly frozen fish as usual. I returned the packing materials from my two boxes in one box with the free postage label provided via my local post office. So much better than chucking it away or trying to think of how I could reuse it myself”, says Ruth Adams, another happy customer.

There is a common misconception that frozen seafood is not fresh and does not taste as good as fresh catch. But the fact is that frozen fish and seafood right at sea are caught at their peak of quality. The fish is air blast frozen within 4 hours, keeping the freshness alive for days and months together. There is no comparison for Seafresh products with other fish that can be around for days before it even reaches the supplier. Customers can buy the freshest fish and shellfish with next-day delivery in UK mainland, and we all know the health benefits of fish and that we should all add more fish to our diets.

To learn more visit https://www.seafreshuk.com/delivery/ 

About Seafreshuk.com 

Seafresh was started in 1996 to sell high-quality frozen foods directly to customers. They supply their products to customers across the UK and Ireland. Over the past couple of decades, they have built strong relationships with the finest fisheries and reputed butchers from Britain and all over the world, due to which they can offer best quality freshly frozen fish and seafood, meat and poultry. 

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