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What is Scampi and How is it Made?

The word Scampi is plural for Scampo in Italian meaning prawn. This often causes confusion as to what scampi actually is. Is it a prawn or a shrimp or ….?

The UK Food labelling regulations have determined that Scampi is Nephrops norvegicus. The Latin names of fish are constant and you will often see these names in brackets next to the more familiar names we use.

Scampi, also called Dublin Bay Prawn, Langoustine or Norway Lobster


Langoustine                                                           Lobster


You can see the similarities. Langoustine usually grows to 18 – 20 cm including the tail and claws you will often see them on the menu in the Mediterranean and French Restaurants.

The meat is in the tail.

Lobster’s are often in the region of 50 – 80cm and have meat in the tail and claws.

Scampi as we know it is the peeled tail. Most commonly served in the UK in breadcrumbs or a light batter. It has been a favourite traditional pub menu dish for many years. There aren’t many pubs in the UK where they don’t serve Scampi and Chips.

Scampi or Dublin Bay Prawns are fished in the North Sea (North-East Atlantic)  (FAO 27) often by trawls or creel and less often in smaller lobster pots. These small lobsters will usually be in waters between 20 and 800 m deep. They live in burrows 20 – 30cm deep which they make in the seabed.

Although our scampi is not MSC certified there are a number of safeguards taken to ensure its sustainability.  Here are a few points listed a few points below:

  • A first-time buyer registration – which ensures that all monies are traceable to prevent the sale of blackfish
  • All product is supplied with certified catch certificates
  • All product is landed at approved UK and Irish ports with fisheries officers on site. This ensures all fish is logged within quotas.

This all goes to ensure that our Scampi is taken from sustainable fisheries in accordance with the conservation and management measures as led out in the European common fisheries policy.

Other information:

  • We only use Hand Peeled Scampi Tails
  • BRC Accredited Factory
  • Scampi purchased from local ports supporting local fisherman and the local industry and economy

People often ask is it Whitby Scampi?

The Whitby Scampi Is Scampi that has been caught around the British Isles and then prepared in Whitby.  Our Wholetail Scampi is also sourced from the British Isles, West Scotland and Ireland.

Other frequently asked questions regarding Scampi is What is Monkfish Scampi?

What is Monkfish Scampi?

Interestingly, monkfish was once used as a cheaper substitute for ‘real’ scampi. You will still come across Monkfish Scampi but it is now identified as Monkfish because it is no longer a cheaper substitute.  It has the same meaty texture and is as tasty but now in its own right.

What is Wholetail Scampi?

Wholetail Scampi is what it says. Depending on the size of the tails you might get more than one tail to make up a piece of breaded or battered scampi. There are cheaper form of scampi where the meat is minced and shaped out of pieces of the tail. This should be declared on any labels if you’re buying packs … ask the pub/restaurant staff when ordering from the menu. It should have some reflection on the price.

One other question we’ve been asked  …

Can I eat Scampi during pregnancy? …

You’ll be pleased to know: Yes you can. Just make sure it’s cooked thoroughly like any other shellfish and you’re good to go.

So; there you have it…. If you are asked “whats scampi made of ” in the future, I hope this has been helpful.

You can buy Scampi from Seafresh, the online fishmonger.

Seafresh Wholetail Breaded Scampi:

Scampi Ingredients:

Scampi tails with added water (40%), Breadcrumbs (contains Wheatflour, Calcium Carbonate, Iran, Niacin, Thiamin), Salt, Yeast. Batter (contains: water, Wheatflour, Calcium Carbonate, Iron, Niacin, Thiamin) Rapeseed oil, Stabilisers: Sodium Tripolyphosphate.

For best results cook from frozen:

  1. Deep fry in hot oil at 180 deg C/350 deg F, for approximately 4 mins.
  2. Oven Bake using pre-heated oven at 230 deg C/ Gas Mk 8 for approximately 16-18 minutes.
  3. Grill under preheated grill for 12–14 minutes turning once. (Always ensure the products core temperature reaches 72 deg C)


Energy                               797kj

Energy                               190Kcal

Fat                                       7.7

of which are saturates     0.61

Carbohydrate                   23.6

of which sugars                  1.0

Fibre                                     1.5

Protein                                 7.29

Salt                                        1.0


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