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Monkfish – 1kg

£26.95 £24.95

Wonderful Monkfish, a meaty fish that is firm with sweet & rich flavours. Monkfish is BONELESS & SKINLESS, low in fat & calories and as with all white fish it is recommend to be apart of a varied and balanced diet. Each order is 1kg of Monkfish which is 6-7 fillets depending on their size.

Monkfish can be cooked in various ways, in many different recipes. We recommend the recipies on the Great British Chefs website, they make lots of different & delicious dishes for Monkfish that are hard to beat. From a Monkfish Curry to Monkfish wrapped in Parma Ham, all delicious. You can find these recipes & more at http://www.greatbritishchefs.com/ingredients/monkfish-recipes


Nutrition information per 100g (typical values)
  Energy  70 cal
 Fat  0.4 g
  of which saturates  
 Carbohydrates  0 g
  of which sugars  
 Protein  15.7 g
North East Atlantic