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How do I cook a Turkey Crown?: A Comprehensive Guide

Want to plan an easy delicious Roast Turkey Crown for Christmas dinner?

We have some great produce and great ready made dishes to help you out at www.seafreshuk.com – anyway, wherever you are we hope you find this guide helpful

If so, it’s important to know the perfect cooking time for a succulent, tender, and perfectly cooked turkey crown for your Christmas Day or Thanksgiving day dinner. Whether you’re a cooking enthusiast or a complete beginner, this comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of cooking it to perfection. A Crown is perfect for smaller Christmas gatherings. For more inspiration, check out more Best Christmas Recipes and Best Turkey Crown Recipes on www.bbcgoodfood.com for other ideas.

Perfectly cooked Turkey crown

First of all – What is a Turkey Crown?

Before we jump into the cooking time, let’s first understand what a turkey crown actually is. It is the breast meat of the bird, with the skin on. It’s a popular choice for smaller gatherings as it offers succulent white breast meat. Easy to carve and cooks quicker than a whole bird. They usually come with the skin of the bird intact, ready for roasting. A turkey crown is perfect if you have fewer people to feed or guests who all like white meat.

uncooked Turkey Crown

Safely Defrosting a Frozen Turkey Crown

If you have a frozen turkey crown, the first step is defrosting. This should be done overnight in the fridge where possible. Defrosting at room temperature can promote the growth of bacteria so avoid if possible. Another way to defrost it is by defrosting it in chicken stock. This not only enhances the moisture but also adds flavour to the meat.

Preparing the Turkey Crown for Cooking

Now that we know what a crown is, let’s talk about how to prepare it for cooking. Drizzle the turkey crown with a little oil and season with black pepper and wrap it in tin foil for a perfect roast. It should be trimmed for an attractive presentation. A Seafresh Turkey Crown, means you can rest assured knowing that it is already well trimmed and ready to go. Use a medium-sized deep walled roasting tray, with two onions halved and two carrots cut into quarters to sit the turkey crown on top. The vegetables work in two ways: as rack to keep the turkey crown raised off the base of the tin, and by giving extra flavour to the stock, which in turn flavours the gravy.

Cooking your Turkey and serving it with Stuffing and Gravy

The Turkey

Now, let’s dive into the cooking process. The temperature of your oven should be 190C/170C fan/gas 5 The cooking time calculated as follows: for a joint weighing under 4kg, 20 minutes per kilo plus 70 minutes. For a joint weighing over 4kg, cook for 20 minutes per kilo plus 90 minutes. This should give you a good estimate of the cooking time. Pre-heat your oven to 190 deg C / Gas mark 5. However, it is always best to check the internal temperature of the joint with a meat thermometer, if available. The optimal internal temperature for a cooked turkey crown should be 70°C or 165°F. Baste the joint with its own juices every 15-20 minutes – this prevents the meat from drying out and enhances the flavour. Cooking times may vary based on the weight of the crown and the type of oven used. It’s a good idea to roast the turkey crown uncovered for the last half of the cooking time. This is the best way to ensure the turkey skin becomes golden and crispy. Using a roasting tin with a rack will also prevent it from sitting in its juices, resulting in a moist and succulent roast. Knowing the internal temperature gives you that extra confidence when serving up a perfect Christmas dinner on the big day. The cooking time for a 2kg turkey crown is approximately 1 hr and 45 mins, as specified by the usage example of the keyword “kilo”.

No thermometer – no problem – check if it’s cooked thoroughly by skewering the thickest part of the breast, make sure any flowing juices are clear.

The Stuffing

Sage and onion stuffing always goes great with a Christmas roast . For a special festive stuffing recipe by top Chef Alyn Wiliams click here but if you want simple tasty quick and easy one just use Paxo stuffing mix. Follow the instructions on the packet, roll the stuffing into little balls and add them to your roast potato tin for the last 15 mins of cooking.

The Gravy

This part of the meal is very important. So, we suggest that you take a little time as this will raise the flavour levels up another notch. Take 1 large carrot, 1 large onion, 1 stick of celery, chopped parsley, large knob of butter, tablespoon of flour, 1 tablespoon of tomato puree , 1..5 pint chicken stock, gravy browning, a glug of port or red wine & seasoning & sprigs of thyme.

Fry the chopped carrot, onion and celery in the butter in a saucepan for 3 – 4 mins. Add the flour and mix in forming a paste. Add the tomato puree. Gradually add the chicken stock stirring throughout then add the port/wine. Add the seasoning and the sprigs of thyme. Correct the colouring to your desired effect by adding gravy browning. Cook slowly on the hob, add the juices from the turkey roasting tin. Strain just before serving and skim off any excess fat. Trust me …. this is worth the effort.

Rich tasty gravy raises the flavour a couple of notches

Post-Cooking Tips

Once the cooking time is complete, it’s important to allow the turkey crown to rest for 20 minutes before carving. This ensures that the meat remains tender and succulent. Covering the joint with foil during the resting time preserves the heat and moisture, enhancing the flavor. This resting time also allows for the meat to relax, making it easier to carve. So, be patient, and let it rest for the last 20 minutes. Meanwhile you are still finishing off your roast potatoes and maybe roast parsnips and pigs in blankets before plating up.

Crispy Roast Potatoes with rosemary and sea salt

Tip for crispy potatoes

Par boil just for a few mins before roasting, Drain the potatoes in a colander and shake them. this roughs the outer edges of the potates. Then roast in the oven with sprigs of fresh rosemary. Finish off with sea salt.

Pigs in blankets

Tip for serving hot fresh vegetables

Here’s a handy tip to help you serve perfectly cooked vegetables alongside your perfectly cooked roast turkey. Just for an example Carrots, Broccoli & Brussel Sprouts . Cook the vegetables in advance. When almost perfectly cooked refresh them in ice cold water. This stops the cooking process and keep them looking fresh . Drain and portion the vegetables up into microwavable dishes with a knob of butter and seasoning. Just before you’re ready to start serving. Zap the vegetables in the microwave for a couple of minutes. Simply serve your fresh hot vegetables by emptying each dish onto the plate. Take care to present them neatly.

* A cheat method – for aesthetics only – add a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to the vegetables when cooking. (This kills the nutrients so isn’t really great)

Fresh Vegetables - prep, cook, referesh, reheat

Here are a few links for some easy starters and desserts. (Just to help make sure you do spend time in the lounge & not just the kitchen)

Dressed Crab  Smoked Salmon  Cooked Crevettes  SaltedCaramel Profiteroles

Good preparation will help you to enjoy the day


In conclusion, cooking the perfect turkey crown requires careful preparation and attention to detail. Understanding the nature of the meat and following the proper defrosting and cooking processes are essential. You’ll produce a delicious and moist centerpiece for your Christmas meal. That said …. relax and enjoy the occasion. By being prepared you give yourself time to enjoy yourself. Just remember – allow enough time for defrosting if using a frozen turkey crown. Follow the recommended cooking times based on the weight of the crown. After cooking, allow to rest before carving to ensure maximum juiciness. Following these tips and techniques will help you impress your guests with a perfectly cooked Christmas dinner. The highlight of your festive season should be a cinch. Happy cooking and have a fabulous festive day!

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