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Haddock Fillets 1kg


Haddock Fillets Each fillet weighs around 130g-170g.  There are 850g of Haddock per order (approx. 5 fillets depending on size). Sometimes Skin on, sometimes skinless, if you prefer one or the other please call to check which is in stock. Haddock is very versatile, great when poached, oven baked (from frozen in a foil parcel) or grilled from defrosted. This Haddock is FROZEN AT SEA so is perfect for customers with HISTAMINE INTOLERANCE However, If you prefer boneless you are better choosing our Haddock Loins or Cod Loins ( more expensive but boneless & still low histamine) ✅ Recommended for Histamine Intolerance ✅ BonelessFrozen at sea IQF (Individually quick frozen)
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Frozen Haddock fillets are great to grill. They are not too thick so they cook pretty quick and great to cook from frozen: Pre-heat your grill to medium-hot, place the fillets on some foil and grill for 5-7 minutes each side, once they start to defrost you can add some butter & salt & pepper. If you prefer the skin crisp then cook for a little longer skin side up. Oven: Bake in a loose foil parcel at 180c for 25-30 mins depending on oven (this is the best way if you want to remove the skin after cooking, it will easily come away as it will steam in the foil parcel).

If you prefer to defrost the haddock first just reduce the cooking times by a couple of minutes each side. Make sure the Haddock is cooked in the centre before serving.


Sourced in the North Atlantic Ocean

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Weight 900 kg


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