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Whole Cornish Sardines -900g

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Whole Sardines caught in Cornwall - MSC certified sustainable & freshly air blast frozen so they come to you as fresh as the day they were caught. Sardines are baby pilchards, long, thin and silver. They are a sustainable choice and a healthy fish too with lots of Omega 3 Fish Oil & no cholesterol. They are great value for money, each order is 900g which gives you 13-16 whole sardines. Sometimes they arrive to us already prepared (de-headed & gutted) and sometimes they arrive just as they were caught.Orders will be sent with what we have in stock ( gutted or not) so if you prefer them a certain way please check with us first as to what we have in stock.
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Defrost before cooking. The sardines are de-scaled but not gutted. Once defrosted remove the guts, then heat a large griddle or but your grill on medium heat. To griddle: brush the sardines with a little oil and any herbs you wish, sprinkle with sea salt and cook for 5 minutes. Turn the sardines over and add some lemon juice, cook for a couple more minutes, to check the fish is cooked look at the thickest part first of the fish first, it should pinch away easily. You will also be able to cleanly pull the bone away.

Cornish Sardines

Nutrition information per 100g (typical values)
 Energy 100 calories
 Fat 11g
 of which saturates 1.6g
 Carbohydrates 25g
 of which sugars 5g
 Protein 0g
 Sodium 125mg
 Fibre 0g
 Cholesterol 0g
Cornwall, UK

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Weight900 kg


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