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Cod Fillets 800g


Cod Fillets FAS skinless and BONELESS. They are frozen at sea within a few hours of being caught ( usually 4-6 hours) so are perfect for people with histamine intolerance. Although care has been taken to remove the bones, seldom some remain. If you prefer thicker portions of fish, we have the Cod Loins too that are skinless and boneless and recommended for histamine intolerance sufferers (although they are more expensive than these frozen at sea cod fillets). Caught in the Barents Sea and weigh approx. 5-8oz each (170-210g). 800g will be 4-5 fillets depending on size. 
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The cod fillets can be cooked from frozen. Place in foil or oven proof dish with butter, lemon juice and seasoning and bake for 20 mins at 180 deg C. If you prefer defrost for 1-2 hours then treat as fresh. Can be pan fried, poached or fried in batter or breadcrumbs.

Cod 100%

Nutrition information per 100g (typical values)
  Energy  80 cal
 Fat  0.9 g
  of which saturates
  of which sugars
 Protein  17.9 g
Barents Sea

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