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Kipper Fillets 2 x 2


Our Kippers are made from the finest Scottish Herring. The herrings are cold smoked & have a wonderful flavour. Each kipper is IVP (individually vacuum packed),  and freezer ready. They are fully prepared & ready to cook. A vacuum packed pouch will take about 3-6 minutes if you boil in the bag. Kippers are a very good source of healthy Omega 3 fish oil & have no cholesterol. There 2 packs of 2 kippers with a pat of butter in each pack.

Kipper fillets in a vacuum pack.

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We find that Kippers are great cooked in the microwave, so why not? Its quick and easy. Remove from vacuum pack and cook for 3 minutes (from frozen) on full power. If the kippers are defrosted reduce cooking time by 40-60 seconds until cooked through. If you prefer you can grill the Kippers, place them under a medium hot grill for 6-7 minutes, again reduce cooking time slightly if defrosted. Although care has been taken to remove all bones, some small bones may still remain.

Scotish Herring

Nutrition information per 100g (typical values)
  Energy    251 kcal
 Fat      18g
  of which saturates       5g
 Carbohydrates       2g
  of which sugars       1g
 Protein       19g
 Sodium        3g
 Fibre        1g
 Cholesterol        0mg
Scotland, United Kingdom


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